Finance sector increases female representation

Mar 21, 2023

The finance sector is making strides in female representation, according to a new report from the Women in Finance charter.

The report shows that the proportion of women in senior management roles across charter signatories rose from 33% to 35% in 2022.

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of the charter's signatories increased female representation in senior management, while 6% maintained the same levels as in 2021.

Around half of the participants set ambitions high, aiming to achieve a target of at least 40% - which the top quarter of firms has achieved for the first time since the charter began in 2016.

The Government launched the charter in collaboration with think tank New Financial to encourage gender balance in the financial services sector. It now has over 400 signatories, covering more than a million employees.

Signatories of the charter must monitor their progress against self-created targets for women in senior management and make annual reports to the Treasury.

Treasury Lords minister Baroness Penn said:

"This report should serve as a marker of strong progress but also a reminder that we shouldn't be complacent. I want to ensure that the Charter continues to be a tool for keeping the sector competitive, innovative, and productive."

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