Time to register for self-assessment, says HMRC

Sep 27, 2023

HMRC is reminding anyone new to self-assessment for the 2022/23 tax year that they have less than two weeks until the registration deadline on 5 October 2023.

If an individual has income they have not already paid UK tax on, they might be required to register for self-assessment. This can include someone who has started making money from a side hustle or those receiving rental income.

Taxpayers can use HMRC's online checking tool to determine whether they need to complete a self-assessment tax return.

If you need to file a return, it's time to register for self-assessment. The deadline to file your tax return online and pay any tax owed for 2022/23 is 31 January 2024.

HMRC is here to help

Myrtle Lloyd, HMRC's director general for customer services, said:

"If you are new to self-assessment and unsure how the process works - HMRC is here to help.

"We have a wealth of resources and guidance available on gov.uk to help customers register, sign up for the online services and complete their tax return. We want to help customers get their tax right first time, just search ‘self-assessment' on gov.uk to find out more."

HMRC's resources to help individuals file a tax return include a series of video tutorials on YouTube and help and support guidance on GOV.UK.

HMRC has also produced two videos to help people register online for self-assessment.

Taxpayers can register for self-assessment on gov.uk. They will then receive their unique taxpayer reference, which they will need when completing their return.

File online for peace of mind

Last year, 96% of customers filed their returns online.

Filing online means you don't have to complete the whole return at once. You can save your progress and finish it later, with the added reassurance that HMRC has received your form when you press submit.

If you think you no longer need to complete a self-assessment tax return for the 2022 to 2023 tax year, you should tell HMRC before the deadline on 31 January 2024 to avoid any penalties or needing to complete a tax return.

Be aware of the risk of falling victim to scams over the self-assessment season, too. Never share your HMRC login details with anyone, including a tax agent. HMRC scam advice is available on gov.uk.

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