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The art industry is one that deserves as much support as it can get. Without creative people like you, none of us would have an appreciation for art and all that it inspires. And as accountants for fine art and artists, that’s what we’re trying to support.

We do that by providing a range of accounting, tax and financial services deigned specifically to make your life easier. After all, your success requires a lot of dedication – but that should be to the canvas, not the Excel sheet.

Accounting, bookkeeping and tax services

We can begin to help you by assisting with your accounting, bookkeeping and taxes, which, as accountants, is our area of expertise. In other words, we’ll keep track of your income and expenses, keep you updated on your financial health, and file your tax return and (if needed) annual accounts.

But we’re not just interested in compliance work. Indeed, we’ll be especially interested in helping you become as tax efficient as possible by claiming capital allowances, allowable expenses and other tax relief that you may qualify for.

Through all that, we’ll build a proper financial foundation that will remain sturdy. Meanwhile, you can focus on your craft and passion.

Business advice and strategic planning

You stand to gain as much as any business from business advice and forward-looking strategic planning. We’re determined to help you with that.

One especially effective way we can help is through our management accounts service, which are regular financial reports that provide a detailed analysis of your finances. We also provide personalised business advice, for which we can draw upon our previous experience with the art and gallery industry.

International sales

If your artwork is sold overseas, we’ll work with advisers in the relevant jurisdiction to iron out all the details related to local tax and reporting implications for you.

We can also work with non-resident artists who may have to pay UK tax for a sale in the country, as well as non-domiciled but resident artists with their tax implication from such a sale.

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As accountants for fine art, we have many years’ worth of experience in advising artists, and we look forward to working with you too. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss what else we can do for you. We look forward to hearing from you.


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