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What are management accounts?

Running a business is tough work, taking up a lot of your day. But with your busy schedule, there’s a significant risk: that you won’t be able to find the time to take a step back and analyse your business’s financial health. This is where we, as management accountants, can help.

Management accounts are a set of financial documents detailing the short-term financial health of your business. In that sense, they’re financial reports that business owners and managers can use to monitor their financial situation.

In principle, management accounts are similar to annual accounts, only less formal, more personalised, and focused on the most pressing issues you’re facing at the moment. From us, you can expect accompanying commentary and visuals to explain our findings.

Why produce management accounts?

Running a business without management accounts is like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces – you’re only ever going to have just part of the picture, preventing you from seeing every crucial detail. And in the world of business, missing just a single crucial detail could cause a serious setback.

More specifically, you can use management accounts to:

  • measure your gross margin percentage
  • implement financial discipline and uncover bad practices
  • ease the pressure on your accounting team when it comes to your annual accounts
  • check and control overheads, stock and debt
  • manage your cashflow.

Why you should choose us for your management accounts

Outsourcing your management accounts to us is a brilliant idea if you’re serious about your business.

With a proven track record and a host of happy clients, we can bring a wealth of experience to analyse your profit margins, identify trends (good and bad), and recommend effective solutions. Our disciplined approach not only uncovers and rectifies potential pitfalls but also optimises your profitability.

But we’re not just number crunchers stuck behind our desks; we’re real people who understand that every business owner has their own needs and requirements.

So, we’ll personalise your management accounts to suit your needs and financial knowledge – whether you need detailed or concise reports or a jargon-free explainer.

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