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You didn’t go into business to file annual accounts; you struck out on your own or with a partner to realise your vision. Nevertheless, accounts preparation is a duty that you cannot afford to ignore.

However, annual accounts, also known as year-end accounts, aren’t simple documents to compile, especially if you’re a large business with a complex revenue stream. But you don’t have to struggle alone – at least, not with Adbell International by your side.

What are annual accounts?

Annual accounts are financial records prepared at the end of the financial year that limited companies must file every year. They are specifically made up of a set of financial documents, including a balance sheet, profit and loss account, a directors’ report and more. If you are a small company, you might be able to send smaller ‘abridged’ accounts.

Your annual accounts get sent to shareholders, Companies House, HMRC, and people who attend the company’s general meetings. Every company in the UK has to keep their records up to date, even if the company is dormant.

Why are annual accounts important?

Annual accounts are incredibly important to file on time and without any mistakes for two main reasons:

  1. It will ensure you’re up-to-date with your obligations and won’t get hit by a financial penalty for improper practice
  2. Your accounts will give you an accurate view of your business, allowing you to make smarter decisions in the future.

Reason number two is incredibly important to take on, and is why sole traders should create annual accounts despite not usually needing to.

After all, without accurate financial data, how do you expect to be able to create a realistic and actionable plan to take your business to the next level?

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Our accounts preparation service puts you first. We’ll create your accounts well ahead of your deadline to ensure late-filing fines do not hit you, can routinely assess your financial figures, and so we can double-check the figures.

Our no-nonsense approach is trusted by many clients who appreciate our timeliness and commitment to open communication. Interested in becoming one of them? Get in touch with us about annual accounts preparation.

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